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How it all began

We founded Tansy Wines in 2020 with friendship and camaraderie at the core, and we haven’t looked back.  It started with a conversation around a table at Shelley’s A16 restaurant, known for introducing southern Italian wines to diners.  We talked about how well these varietals grow in California, and what a an incredible adventure it would be to make these wines ourselves.

As we started down the path, we also saw an opportunity to create a modern wine brand, one that is digitally native, owned by women, made by women, and is synonymous with the things we hold near and dear—community, sustainable farming, and sitting around a table.

We’re still building that vision, and we thank you for joining us on the journey.

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Our Winemaking

Megan Glaab leads winemaking at Tansy, and her love and enthusiasm shines through in every bottle.  Megan is a master at minimal intervention winemaking and honoring terroir.  All wines are natively fermented with no temperature control or additives.  Megan has led winemaking efforts at prestigious brands such as Torbreck, Peay, Marcassin, Pisoni, and has her own winery, Ryme Cellars, with her husband Ryan.

Our Farming Choices

Tansy has a focus on Italian varietals but just as important as that is the farming practices of the vineyard.  We specifically source grapes from growers across California who practice sustainable, organic , and responsible farming techniques. This is critical for the ongoing health of our soils, ecosystems, and farming communities, ensuring a brighter future for our industry and planet.

Our Labels

The name, Tansy, originates from the tansy wildflower that grows in and around the vineyards in both California and Italy, inherently linking these two parts of the world and signaling health of the land.

Wildflowers are featured on every label, and we’d like to thank the following botanical artists for their contributions: Kristin Jacob, Nina Antze, Sally Petru, and Holly Sommerville.

Our Passion for Italian Grapes

Our co-founder, Shelley Lindgren, has a deep and infectious love of Italian wines, and it’s part of our DNA at Tansy.  She received the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Program and has been knighted by the Italian government, receiving the prestigious “Cavaliere dell’Ordine Della Stella Italia” (Dott.ssa) distinction for her work promoting Italian wine in the United States. She is also the author of the newly published, Italian Wine.

More on the Team

Shelley Lindgren

Shelley Lindgren

Shelley knows Italian wine.  Shelley’s reputation as an industry pioneer and advocate for the wines of Italy was recognized in 2019, as she was knighted by the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco receiving the “Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” recognition. Also recognized as a Culinary Institute of America ambassador, Shelley was named “Best New Sommelier” by Wine & Spirits magazine; “Best Wine Director” by San Francisco magazine; and won “Best Wine Program” by the James Beard Association.  Shelley is the owner of popular A16 restaurants in the Bay Area.

Kitty Oestlien

Kitty Oestlien

Kitty knows branding, business, and wine.  Kitty is a business builder, leading branding, go-to-market, and communications for some of silicon valley’s best tech companies such as Dropbox and Symantec helping them incubate and launch products used by millions of people. In parallel, wine has been a through line in Kitty’s life – her family was one of the first to settle in Australia in the Barossa Valley, and she quietly completed her sommelier certifications.  Kitty now lives in Napa with her young family, where she is planting her first vineyard.

Megan Glaab

Megan Glaab

Megan knows terroir and winemaking.  Megan has over 20 years of winemaking experience that started with her B.S. in Enology from the University of Adelaide in Australia, and continued in her winemaking positions at prestigious brands such as Torbreck, Peay, Marcassin, Pisoni, eventually leading her to create her own label, Ryme Cellars.  Megan is a master at minimal intervention winemaking and honoring terroir.

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